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December 2, 2012
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Celty halted Shooter and took out her PDA.
[(F/N), what are you doing here alone?]
The raven-haired girl looked wild, like an animal as she did when they had first met.
“I’m looking for Izaya Orihara. Can you take me to him?” Her voice was strong and she seemed determined.
[Izaya is bad news. You shouldn’t get involved with him. Especially now that you’re living with Shizuo…]
(F/N)’s eyes flared with anger.
“I know he’s bad news. That’s why I want him to get away from my sister. She’s changed by just living with him for a few days.”
[Does Shizuo know you’re out here alone?]
“No and frankly I don’t care about him right now. Getting that creep away from my sister is my top priority. I mean no disrespect when I say this Celty-san, but if you won’t help me find him than you are of no use to me.”
(F/N) walked off leaving a shocked Celty behind. Celty knew it wasn’t right for the high school girl to be alone in Ikebukuro. The city was a monster just waiting for someone to take one wrong step and devour them. She also knew how pissed the blond-haired man would be if he found out Celty had just let the girl go. The dullahan had seen him when he was angry and would rather not have that anger directed towards her. The headless rider knew what she had to do. Celty rode up by the girl and showed her what she had typed.
[Please don’t make me have to do this (F/N)-san, but I will use force if necessary. Get on the bike please.]
“I’m sorry I can’t. I need to find Izaya.”
[Then you leave me no choice.]
A black shadowy substance was emitted from Celty’s hand. The substance wrapped against the girl and grew tighter each time she struggled.
“You can’t do this! You don’t under-“
(F/N)’s sentence was cut off as the shadow covered her mouth. Celty dragged the girl onto the bike and rode off.
“Welcome home Celty-“
Shinra stopped when he saw the girl Shizuo had brought to him wrapped in shadows and in Celty’s arms.
[Shizuo doesn’t want her to be by herself. I saw her alone in the rain on the way back from the job and decided she should stay with us until Shizuo picks her up.]
“Ah I see. Good plan Celty!”
The doctor praised as Celty gently sat the girl on the couch.
[(F/N)-san, I hope you aren’t angry with me. I just don’t want you to get hurt, I’m sure Shizuo feels the same. I’m going to release you now, but you have to stay here.]
The girl clenched her fists as soon as she was released.
“I’m not going to get hurt. I don’t need people doting on me all the time. I can take care of myself.”
“I’m sure you can, but we’re just being cautious. Your parents wouldn’t want you to get hurt.”
Shinra placed a hand on the girl’s shoulder and tried to reason with her.
“My parents are crazy. I don’t care if they worry about me. I’m just some prized object to them.”
The apartment fell silent, until there was a brutal knock at the door.
“I can only imagine who that could be.”
Shinra said dryly as he approached the door and braced himself. Shizuo burst through the door and into the apartment.
“She’s gone! The kid’s gone! I need to ask Celty to help me find her!”
The dullahan typed furiously on her PDA.
[Shizuo she’s fine. She’s here with Shinra and I.]
The strongest man in Ikebukuro pushed past the headless rider and headed for the girl.
“What the hell are you doing out of the apartment?!”
“I had some business I needed to take care of. Business that is not finished.” (F/N) said rather calmly compared to the former bartender who looked like a ticking time bomb.
“What could possibly be so important-“
“My sister came to visit me at the apartment. We got into a fight and she ran out sobbing. I left the apartment to find the asshole whose been brainwashing her. I will find Izaya Orihara and nobody will stop me including you.”
Shizuo’s eyes widened when he heard that particular name.
“That flea’s been causing problems again? I don’t need to have a reason to beat the shit out of him, but this is a good reason to.”
“No, I’m going to find him. Whatever you want to beat him up for can wait. He’s mine.”
The girl stared intently into Shizuo Heiwajima’s eyes.
“You have no business getting involved with that flea! I’ll take care of him and make sure he stays away from her!”
“You don’t understand do you?! Emiko is my sister! I’m pretty sure if Kasuka was in trouble you wouldn’t want anyone doing the work for you. You’d find the guy and tear him apart!”
“You and I aren’t the same! You’re just a kid-“
“I am NOT A KID! I am so tired of people thinking I’m weak! I beat up the Red Pistols’ gang for fuck’s sake! What do I have to do to convince you that I’m strong? Do I have to fight you?!”
The two continued to scream at each other while the headless rider and underground doctor watched nervously.
[Should we intervene?]
“Um guys-“
“Shut the hell up Shinra this doesn’t involve you!”
The angry blond haired man roared. The doctor, in turn, put his hands up and backed away slowly. He turned to Celty, shrugged, and gave her a look that read ‘I tried’.
“Shizuo I respect you as a person and friend, but I’m almost an adult. I don’t want to fight with you, but this is something I have to do.”
“And you don’t seem to understand what I’m telling you. Once you get involved with that piece of shit there’s no telling what kind of stuff he’ll do to mess your life up!”
“My sister’s life was ruined the day I was born. She was beat and abused every time something happened to me even when it wasn’t her fault. So if my life has to be ruined by Izaya Orihara then I guess that’s fair punishment for what I’ve done to her. Emiko is worth it.”
Pushing past the shocked man, (F/N) headed for the door.
When (F/N) left the apartment she went back to where she started. The girl decided to go to Shinjuku since that was where the informant broker’s office was. From there, she would track him down no matter how long it took. (F/N) had only walked half a mile when she felt a hand rest on her shoulder.
“I heard you were looking for me. But it seems like I’ve found you first. The tables have turned haven’t they?”
Nothing really to add here.... happy to be back! sorry for the long wait ^^;
Also if it takes me longer upload again check out my friend Keeta and I's other account for a short drabble
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